A Floral Wedding Proposal

wedding proposalThere is perhaps no element more intertwined in the wedding planning process than flowers – from the proposal to the reception centerpieces, the beauty of flowers represents romance, hope, excitement and more. While you may not think of incorporating floral details into your wedding proposal,  they can make all the difference – elevating a special event to an extraordinary experience. The wedding planners at Ah Sam Florist have seen many wonderful proposals and have participated in hundreds of San Mateo area weddings, and we would love to assist you in creating a proposal your intended will never forget.
Petaled Pathways: Whatever your chosen location, blanket the ground leading to it with soft and luxurious rose petals. This works especially well in unexpected places – across the grass at a lake, into an elevator leading to the rooftop, or leading to your table at your favorite restaurant. You may need to enlist some help, but you’ll find people are more than willing to participate!

Building the Suspense: On the day of your proposal, send a small bud vase early in the morning. At lunch, send a slightly larger floral arrangement, and when you meet for the evening event, be ready with a massive bouquet of the same.

Be Nostalgic: Be ready with a bouquet of the flowers you gave her on your first date, or perhaps the exact arrangement from your first Valentine’s Day together. This romantic gesture indicates that the wedding proposal is one more step in your journey together, start to finish. Another popular option is to present romantic red roses in a bridal bouquet, indicating your commitment to a life together.

wedding proposal

Make Her A Princess – To prepare for the inevitable photos, begin the proposal by placing a floral crown on her head and treating her like royalty.

Your wedding proposal is the start of a beautiful journey and should be accompanied by the beauty of flowers. When deciding on how to pop the big question, consult with the wedding planners at Ah Sam Florist. We’ve seen hundreds of area couples walk down the aisle, and are happy to help you every step of the way – from planning the proposal to  decorating your venue. What a gorgeous way to start your life together. Call us today!