2017 Pantone Colors for Spring Weddings

spring weddingsEach year, the Pantone company delivers its top picks for the most popular colors of the upcoming year. Their Color Matching System is used worldwide, referenced by professionals ranging from printers to painters to standardize shades of color,  These colors often end up trending for weddings as well, evidenced in bridesmaid dresses and decor, as well as flowers. This year’s finalists include colors ranging from the bright and cheerful Primrose Yellow to the muted and romantic Pale Dogwood (a soft pink). The winner of Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery, a yellow-green color similar to chartreuse, and we can expect to see a lot of this olor in upcoming trends. However,  all ten of these colors are expected to be popular in 2017, especially in wedding design and planning. Those planning spring weddings may find the perfect color right here at Ah Sam Florist.
This bride’s bouquet showcases two of the trending colors for the upcoming wedding season – the aforementioned Pale Dogwood and a close approximation of Primrose Yellow. These two colors blend for a beautiful spring color combination that is both cheerful and representative of the season. In fact, those planning spring weddings will find that choosing several complimentary colors from the top picks will result in trending flowers that are still uniquely their own design. ah1The fresh and vibrant colors of the Spring Pantone choices include two shades of green. The lighter version, Greenery, is a yellow-green shade that peaks to new foliage; and Kale, a richer green that also evokes a sense of verdant nature. Orchids, lilies, roses, hydrangea, and mums will all provide the feeling of these choices.
spring weddingsFlame and Pink Yarrow – deep shades of orange and pink, respectively – add vibrancy to the palette, while Niagara and Lapis provide cool blue shades. Regardless of style and preference, there is a beautiful choice for every bride in this year’s lineup. Choose one of the top trending colors or your own personal color scheme, then call Ah Sam Florist. Our wedding professionals will work with you to create amazing bouquets and venue decor that your guests won’t soon forget.