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2017 Pantone Colors for Spring Weddings

spring weddingsEach year, the Pantone company delivers its top picks for the most popular colors of the upcoming year. Their Color Matching System is used worldwide, referenced by professionals ranging from printers to painters to standardize shades of color,  These colors often end up trending for weddings as well, evidenced in bridesmaid dresses and decor, as well as flowers. This year’s finalists include colors ranging from the bright and cheerful Primrose Yellow to the muted and romantic Pale Dogwood (a soft pink). The winner of Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery, a yellow-green color similar to chartreuse, and we can expect to see a lot of this olor in upcoming trends. However,  all ten of these colors are expected to be popular in 2017, especially in wedding design and planning. Those planning spring weddings may find the perfect color right here at Ah Sam Florist.
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A Floral Wedding Proposal

wedding proposalThere is perhaps no element more intertwined in the wedding planning process than flowers – from the proposal to the reception centerpieces, the beauty of flowers represents romance, hope, excitement and more. While you may not think of incorporating floral details into your wedding proposal,  they can make all the difference – elevating a special event to an extraordinary experience. The wedding planners at Ah Sam Florist have seen many wonderful proposals and have participated in hundreds of San Mateo area weddings, and we would love to assist you in creating a proposal your intended will never forget.
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Wedding Details that Make the Difference

wedding details

Planning for your wedding day is made up of a series of decisions large and small. At Ah Sam Florist, we are experts not only at providing the main elements of the day – bridal bouquets and centerpieces – but the smaller wedding details that can make all the difference. In San Mateo, we are the premier wedding florist to call; from the flower girl’s entrance to the final dance, we have the ideas and inspiration you’ll love.
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Trending this Year – Metallic Wedding Accents

metallic wedding accents
When it comes to wedding trends, some come and some go. But one trend that has been popular for some time and is only gaining in prevalence is that of metallic wedding accents. From glittering tablecloths to silver pendant lighting, there are hundreds of ways to incorporate metallics into your wedding. Trust Ah Sam Florist to not only provide you with stunning wedding florals  but to help you to add the glimmer and shine!
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Orchid Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

orchid bridal bouquets

orchid bridal bouquetsCreating orchid bridal bouquets will set an elegant and sophisticated mood for your wedding day. These exotic flowers are as beautiful and unique as the bride herself, and their lavish presence is unparalleled. There are thousands of varieties of orchids, but three are most often used in wedding planning. If you are planning a San Mateo area wedding and have your heart set on orchids, you’ve made a wonderful choice.

Experts say the most often requested orchid for nuptial ceremonies is the dendrobium. This delicate flower comes in many different varieties and a full spectrum of bright and vivid flowers,  perfect for personal flowers ar dramatic centerpieces.  Cymbidium orchids have always been popular but are trending in wedding circles this season, especially the striking green cymbidium orchid, which blends well with succulents and other unique elements.  Cymbidium orchids also often exhibit intricate color variations and patterns which make for striking bouquets.

The phalaenopsis orchid is also known as the moth orchid, because its flat, broad petals look like moth wings. These orchids are often seen as corsages and boutonnieres as they stand well on their own. Phalaenopsis orchids are also seen commonly in potted varieties, as they grow well – therefore they make wonderful centerpieces that can be brought home after the wedding and provide graceful decor in the home.

When it come to choosing your wedding flowers, first call Ah Sam Florist. Our expert wedding consultants will work with you to choose the perfect orchids to incorporate into your dream wedding day. From orchid bridal bouquets to aisle flowers, from cake decor to reception venue adornment – our floral designers will help you to create your vision. Using orchids in wedding flowers is a classic choice, but making that choice is only the beginning. With so many colors, styles, and varieties, your wedding flowers are sure to be one-of-a-kind.




Planning for the Perfect Holiday Wedding

holiday weddingIf you are planning for a holiday wedding this year, your plans should be in full swing. And to help you along, we are writing this “Christmas in July” post – because the holidays will be here before you know it, and now is the time to begin to finalize your plans. By now you have likely chosen a venue, as well as the bridesmaid’s dress color palette. With these two crucial pieces in place, you are perfectly poised to find the perfect wedding florist.

Are florists all the same? Not by a long shot. You’ll want to choose a florist that has experience staging weddings, as well as one who is capable of providing florals for your wedding at one of the busiest times of the year. That is why we recommend that you make an appointment with an Ah Sam wedding consultant as soon as possible. As experts, we will discuss many important points with you, including:

* Be sure to contact the church/ceremony location as well as the reception venue to determine if they will already have holiday decor in place. You do not want your chosen theme to clash with the venue, nor duplicate efforts- the decorations that will already be in place may be perfect!

holiday wedding

* Consider working within a chosen color scheme, not necessarily a specific set of flowers. During the winter, some flowers may not be available locally. We will discuss options, including alternate blooms or even filling in your natural bouquet with some silk blooms.

* The most popular holiday wedding palettes are red, white or a combination of both. But to make a truly beautiful seasonal statement, also consider evergreens, white branches or pine cones as additional natural elements. And how about a little mistletoe? It is, after all, a very romantic occasion!

* The use of metallic accents is a great way to bring holiday sparkle to your decor; from vases to silverware. Crystal baubles and flickering candles are also lovely holiday touches.

The talented wedding planners at Ah Sam have many more options, ideas, and suggestions that are sure to make your holiday wedding truly memorable. But with most industry experts advising that you select wedding flowers at least 4-6 months in advance, now is the time to give us a call.

Trust Your Wedding Flowers to a Professional Designer

wedding tipsThere are many decisions to be made when you are planning your San Mateo wedding. And because each of them has a price tag associated with it, it is easy to fall into the trap of looking for the cheapest options to stay within budget – but let’s stop and think about this for a moment. Do you want one of the most visible and memorable aspects of your wedding – your flowers – to be less than what you have always imagined?

At Ah Sam Florist, your wedding flowers will be entrusted to a professional floral designer who will work at creating an aesthetic tailored to your desires. Your wedding venue will be adorned with custom floral arrangements which will create the look and atmosphere you’ve always imagined. You may think that this will be an expensive option, but in reality, an expert designer is likely the very person who an help you succeed with your vision while staying within budget.

An Ah Sam designer can listen to your wishes, look at the photos you have collected and talk with you about the overall ambiance you are envisioning – and make recommendations for the flowers that will exceed all your expectations while staying within budget. For instance, you may have your heart set on one type of flower – but if they are out of your budget, you will have to compromise somewhere, usually with the size of the arrangement, or overall quality. But as Ah Sam owner Lori Leong points out, a designer can make recommendations as to other blossoms you may consider that will give the same feeling and effect. June is a lucky month as you can choose from the end of the spring flower season, or the beginning of summer blooms – with fewer limitations, nearly all flowers are available.

By bringing your wish list into Ah Sam Florist and speaking to a dedicated floral designer, you can be assured that they will create gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces that meet every expectation. It is your special day – make sure you partner with a floral designer who can help you bring it to life.

Mothers Roles in Weddings

mother rolesCongratulations! Your wedding day is approaching, and by now you’ve likely realized how much planning goes into this special day. Although every bride thinks she can handle everything, there are many people who are just hoping you’ll ask them to help – and the good news is, there are established roles and customs that they expect to play. According to, here are some of the customary ways that your mother can get involved in your wedding – and she will be happy to do so!

Mothers can help the bride and groom scout out ceremony and reception sites, as well as take on the “first responder” role for vendors calling with questions – even the wedding florist!

Mothers are invaluable in helping to choose a wedding dress, as well as trousseau, and wedding-night peignoir. Don’t be surprised if there are tears!

Mothers can compile your side of the guest list and confer with the groom’s family about whom they want to include on the guest list. Therefore, the bride and groom need only review and revise as necessary, instead of starting from scratch.
Mothers should consult with the bride as to her vision for the mother-of-the-bride dress, and if possible, shop with the groom’s mother for a cohesive, elegant look.

Mothers should be present at the bridal shower. Mom should ask the maid of honor if she needs help organizing, but respect the wedding party if they have it under control.

Mothers may escort their daughter down the aisle if the father is not there. In a Jewish wedding ceremony, both parents accompany the bride. In a Christian wedding, mothers should be seated in the first pew directly before the ceremony; and be the first to follow the couple out after the ceremony.

Mothers should be available to greet guests in the receiving line; custom states she is first in the line as the hostess of the reception.
Mothers should be ready to dance with the father of the bride (or another escort) and the groom during the traditional first-dance sequence.

This day is as special to your mother as to you. Involving her in decisions will help her to feel a part of the day, and will take some stress off of you! When it comes to wedding flowers, come into Ah Sam Flowers in San Mateo, and bring mom. We’ll help you to choose the perfect bridal bouquets, venue floral arrangements, and centerpieces for your perfect wedding day.

Strange Wedding Traditions – Myths and Facts

wedding traditionsFrom proposals to ceremonies, weddings are steeped in tradition. Whether founded in practicality, romance, or superstition – many couples find it hard to “break tradition” and do things differently. However, the real story behind some of our most treasured engagement and wedding rituals can seem stranger than fiction.


Consider the proposal – in our time, it seems the pressure to create a proposal that is worthy of a social media campaign is intense. But from some of our earliest recorded traditions, we see that there was an entirely different kind of pressure surrounding the proposal. The groom often did not ask the question himself, instead he sent a member of his family to ask his prospective bride and her family if they would consent. The journey itself was meaningful, however. If along the way they encountered either a blind man, a monk or a pregnant woman, the marriage was thought to be doomed – and they returned home without asking the question, in order to stave off the bad luck. However, if they crossed paths with a nanny goat, pigeon or wolf, the marriage was considered to be favorable.

The selected day of the wedding was considered to be fraught with meaning as well. One should never be married on their birthday – although if the bride and groom shared a birthday, that was considered an exceptionally good omen for the union. Of course, that shared birthday had to be several years apart, or the good luck was revoked. Contemporary wedding ceremonies often take place on Saturdays, but in the past Saturday was considered the second worst day to be married; second only to Friday, which is the unluckiest day of all. The best day for a wedding in medieval times? That would be Wednesday.

These days, the choices are wide open for couples looking to get married. From a clever proposal, to an unconventional venue, to the most beautiful wedding flowers – it all comes down to the right choice for you. At Ah Sam Florist, we have helped hundreds of San Mateo couples create the wedding of their dreams – bridal bouquets, altar flowers, venue décor and floral centerpieces, we design them all with loving care. Call us to help set up your wedding day today.

Summer Weddings, Beat the Heat

summer weddingOutdoor weddings are especially beautiful, and in the summertime the open air beckons. In San Mateo, balmy temperatures are easy to rely on in the summer months; a successful al fresco wedding during these months can be planned for with a few simple safeguards.

Summer palettes always brighten up a bit, and this year is no exception. Rustic bouquets of bright blooms that are reminiscent of a wildflower meadow are as popular as ever. Although we do not have wiltingly hot days in this part of the country, it is prudent to make a few simply preparations to make sure your flowers look their best all day long.

summer wedding

  • If your entire day will be held outside, from photos to reception, consider two bouquets – one for photos and one for the ceremony, just in case flowers begin to wilt.
  • Some cut flowers do better in heat. Using hardy flowers – including roses, orchids, calla lilies and the colorful celosia and lisianthus – will yield bouquets and centerpieces that withstand the sunshine.
  • Arrange with Ah Sam to schedule two deliveries – one for photo bouquets prior to the ceremony, one for reception arrangements a bit later – in order to limit the time flowers will be outside.
  • Look for ways to keep your flowers in water as much as possible.

summer weddingAs you plan your summer wedding, contact Ah Sam’s expert florists for ideas as to how to create stunning bridal bouquets and centerpieces that will hold up to any weather you may encounter. You have one shot at your wedding day, so let the floral designers at Ah Sam of San Mateo help you to ensure that your flowers stay as fresh as possible, from beginning to end.