New Year’s Engagements- Top 2016 Wedding Trends

wedding trendsStatistically speaking, more couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day than any other time of the year. If you received an engagement ring over the holidays, it is never too early to start planning. While you may have some ideas about what a traditional wedding looks like, in 2016 the trend is towards expressing your own personality throughout the planning process. From dresses to backdrop, brides and grooms are getting creative and exploring innovative ways to celebrate.


  • From city skylines to century old barns, couples continue to choose venues that are meaningful to them, rather than opting for more traditional or formal settings. Increasingly, weddings incorporate elements of a far off city or dream location, perhaps even to reflect where the couple met, or where they are headed for their honeymoon.


  • Rather than an open bar, many couples are offering waiters circulating their favorite drinks; which can be colorful, exotic or whimsical. A tropical wedding may include umbrella drinks, while a southern wedding may circulate mint juleps.


  • Brushed metallics join softer versions of our favorite colors to create romantic settings and classic décor. Brides are opting for duskier hues such as 2016 top trending Quartz Rose over hot pinks; and soft ambient bulbs and lanterns over harsh lights.

wedding trends

  • Mismatched bouquets, dresses, centerpieces and even seating make for a more natural and cozy event that reflects your personal style. Flowers are adding non-traditional elements like succulents, twigs, fruit and more greenery, giving tables a more organic and freshly arranged feel.

wedding trends

Overall, the top trending tip of 2016 is to be creative and be yourself. Don’t worry about conventional ways to plan a wedding – this is your special, personal day, and everything about it should reflect your personal style. Enjoy, have fun and enlist help from Ah Sam of San Mateo – we are here to help to design the bridal bouquets and wedding venue arrangements that will make your wedding truly unique. Let us help you create the 2016 wedding that everyone will remember.