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Orchid Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

orchid bridal bouquets

orchid bridal bouquetsCreating orchid bridal bouquets will set an elegant and sophisticated mood for your wedding day. These exotic flowers are as beautiful and unique as the bride herself, and their lavish presence is unparalleled. There are thousands of varieties of orchids, but three are most often used in wedding planning. If you are planning a San Mateo area wedding and have your heart set on orchids, you’ve made a wonderful choice.

Experts say the most often requested orchid for nuptial ceremonies is the dendrobium. This delicate flower comes in many different varieties and a full spectrum of bright and vivid flowers,  perfect for personal flowers ar dramatic centerpieces.  Cymbidium orchids have always been popular but are trending in wedding circles this season, especially the striking green cymbidium orchid, which blends well with succulents and other unique elements.  Cymbidium orchids also often exhibit intricate color variations and patterns which make for striking bouquets.

The phalaenopsis orchid is also known as the moth orchid, because its flat, broad petals look like moth wings. These orchids are often seen as corsages and boutonnieres as they stand well on their own. Phalaenopsis orchids are also seen commonly in potted varieties, as they grow well – therefore they make wonderful centerpieces that can be brought home after the wedding and provide graceful decor in the home.

When it come to choosing your wedding flowers, first call Ah Sam Florist. Our expert wedding consultants will work with you to choose the perfect orchids to incorporate into your dream wedding day. From orchid bridal bouquets to aisle flowers, from cake decor to reception venue adornment – our floral designers will help you to create your vision. Using orchids in wedding flowers is a classic choice, but making that choice is only the beginning. With so many colors, styles, and varieties, your wedding flowers are sure to be one-of-a-kind.