Strange Wedding Traditions – Myths and Facts

wedding traditionsFrom proposals to ceremonies, weddings are steeped in tradition. Whether founded in practicality, romance, or superstition – many couples find it hard to “break tradition” and do things differently. However, the real story behind some of our most treasured engagement and wedding rituals can seem stranger than fiction.


Consider the proposal – in our time, it seems the pressure to create a proposal that is worthy of a social media campaign is intense. But from some of our earliest recorded traditions, we see that there was an entirely different kind of pressure surrounding the proposal. The groom often did not ask the question himself, instead he sent a member of his family to ask his prospective bride and her family if they would consent. The journey itself was meaningful, however. If along the way they encountered either a blind man, a monk or a pregnant woman, the marriage was thought to be doomed – and they returned home without asking the question, in order to stave off the bad luck. However, if they crossed paths with a nanny goat, pigeon or wolf, the marriage was considered to be favorable.

The selected day of the wedding was considered to be fraught with meaning as well. One should never be married on their birthday – although if the bride and groom shared a birthday, that was considered an exceptionally good omen for the union. Of course, that shared birthday had to be several years apart, or the good luck was revoked. Contemporary wedding ceremonies often take place on Saturdays, but in the past Saturday was considered the second worst day to be married; second only to Friday, which is the unluckiest day of all. The best day for a wedding in medieval times? That would be Wednesday.

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