Mothers Roles in Weddings

mother rolesCongratulations! Your wedding day is approaching, and by now you’ve likely realized how much planning goes into this special day. Although every bride thinks she can handle everything, there are many people who are just hoping you’ll ask them to help – and the good news is, there are established roles and customs that they expect to play. According to, here are some of the customary ways that your mother can get involved in your wedding – and she will be happy to do so!

Mothers can help the bride and groom scout out ceremony and reception sites, as well as take on the “first responder” role for vendors calling with questions – even the wedding florist!

Mothers are invaluable in helping to choose a wedding dress, as well as trousseau, and wedding-night peignoir. Don’t be surprised if there are tears!

Mothers can compile your side of the guest list and confer with the groom’s family about whom they want to include on the guest list. Therefore, the bride and groom need only review and revise as necessary, instead of starting from scratch.
Mothers should consult with the bride as to her vision for the mother-of-the-bride dress, and if possible, shop with the groom’s mother for a cohesive, elegant look.

Mothers should be present at the bridal shower. Mom should ask the maid of honor if she needs help organizing, but respect the wedding party if they have it under control.

Mothers may escort their daughter down the aisle if the father is not there. In a Jewish wedding ceremony, both parents accompany the bride. In a Christian wedding, mothers should be seated in the first pew directly before the ceremony; and be the first to follow the couple out after the ceremony.

Mothers should be available to greet guests in the receiving line; custom states she is first in the line as the hostess of the reception.
Mothers should be ready to dance with the father of the bride (or another escort) and the groom during the traditional first-dance sequence.

This day is as special to your mother as to you. Involving her in decisions will help her to feel a part of the day, and will take some stress off of you! When it comes to wedding flowers, come into Ah Sam Flowers in San Mateo, and bring mom. We’ll help you to choose the perfect bridal bouquets, venue floral arrangements, and centerpieces for your perfect wedding day.