Trust Your Wedding Flowers to a Professional Designer

wedding tipsThere are many decisions to be made when you are planning your San Mateo wedding. And because each of them has a price tag associated with it, it is easy to fall into the trap of looking for the cheapest options to stay within budget – but let’s stop and think about this for a moment. Do you want one of the most visible and memorable aspects of your wedding – your flowers – to be less than what you have always imagined?

At Ah Sam Florist, your wedding flowers will be entrusted to a professional floral designer who will work at creating an aesthetic tailored to your desires. Your wedding venue will be adorned with custom floral arrangements which will create the look and atmosphere you’ve always imagined. You may think that this will be an expensive option, but in reality, an expert designer is likely the very person who an help you succeed with your vision while staying within budget.

An Ah Sam designer can listen to your wishes, look at the photos you have collected and talk with you about the overall ambiance you are envisioning – and make recommendations for the flowers that will exceed all your expectations while staying within budget. For instance, you may have your heart set on one type of flower – but if they are out of your budget, you will have to compromise somewhere, usually with the size of the arrangement, or overall quality. But as Ah Sam owner Lori Leong points out, a designer can make recommendations as to other blossoms you may consider that will give the same feeling and effect. June is a lucky month as you can choose from the end of the spring flower season, or the beginning of summer blooms – with fewer limitations, nearly all flowers are available.

By bringing your wish list into Ah Sam Florist and speaking to a dedicated floral designer, you can be assured that they will create gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces that meet every expectation. It is your special day – make sure you partner with a floral designer who can help you bring it to life.